A Sacred Plural
A collaborative dinner and immersive art exhibition featuring paintings and ice sculptures by Emery Gluck, video by Virginia Walcott, and sound by India Mello.

In the swirl of life where everything is continuously shifting, melting, rocking, staying - what is it that holds us? My collaborators and I dreamt up a space to explore this through friendship, water, and time. It was a dinner with friends, a collaborative multi-artist, multi-sensory installation, a social sculpture, and a performance centered around the question: Do you feel these bodies around you?

Art about water, friendship and time made by 4 different artists held the space between courses. Spanning painting, sculpture, video, and sound, these works looped, melted, and swayed individually, in tandem. Each time a viewer encountered an artwork, they met it at a new point in its cycle. And between courses, we invited our friends to sit with and reflect on the art’s inevitable change.

A five-course dinner for guests to touch, see, smell, taste, and hear together. Something to literally consume while they also took in the artwork around them.

1st Course “Touch”
fruits, romanesco, herbs, cheeses, meats, soft boiled eggs, roasted beets + turmeric yogurt sauce by Johnathan

2nd Course “See”
jasmine and rosewater jello with marigolds and sumac by Eliza

3rd course “Smell”  
cioppino by Sophia, fresh bread by Riley , lemon ricotta pasta by Jacob, tri colore by Peter

4th Course “Taste”  
blind spoonful of sumac, carrot, apricot, ginger, almond jam ice cream followed by lemon balm tincture by Ariel , fed by Eliza

5th Course “Hear”  
pixie sticks and citrus olive oil upside down cake by Sarah