A Suspended Blue

A Suspended Blue is an interdisciplinary performance by Emery Gluck. It is a blue world dedicated to the reality of the unknown. Inside the installation, the viewer encounters melting paintings, live-dye, a multi-channel video installation, hand-painted fabric, experimental poetry performance by Halleta Alemu, and a synth experience by DJ Fauxtaku.

In A Suspended Blue, blue melting paintings made of ice drip from metal chains, dyeing fabric as they undergo a change-of-state. Obscured within the atmospheric blocks of ice, gestural objects slowly reveal themselves as the artwork melts. Liquid turns to ice, ice turns to liquid, and liquid dyes fabric. The viewer is invited to traverse this blue space while witnessing the slow but inevitable shifting image of the installation, the cycle of transformation, and their place within it.  

One thing can hold many meanings. Depending on its gauge, intertwining metal can form a cage or protection. Depending on the temperature of its surroundings, water can be a glacier or a hot pink cloud. A Suspended Blue utilizes these media to create a space that holds both the eternal and the ephemeral, utilizing enchantment as a function of truth.



Photos by Sammi C Wong