Condensed Chaos

Collaboration with Rahm Haus Ice Cream to translate the visual experience of a painting into one that can be tasted.

As two artists deeply interested in the myriad ways art and emotion can be carried across various mediums, Jillian Duran and I worked together to create this ice cream painting as a way to explore the experience of chaos. Taking notes from Phil Hine’s 1995 book, Condensed Chaos, we wanted to focus on the expansive nature of chaos magick and the possibilities that a lack of structure can create.

I made a mixed media drawing of fluid swathes of color and a scrambled web of emotive, gestural marks. This world of accumulated chaos is encompassed by a creamy, magickal atmosphere - an expansive sense of calm.

We assigned each element of the drawing a specific emotion and, to that emotion, a flavor and/or texture. The result was a chaotic mixture of 14 house-made, locally sourced add-ins held within a condensed milk base.

The drawing and ice cream are imbued with the dense swirl of emotion that 2020 forced us to collectively experience. The turbulent emotions of fear, despair, and disorganization begin to create a cyclical, evolving composition. They are released, felt, acknowledged, and begin to flow into a more open space.

This is an artwork about experience, and it must be completed by the viewers’ literal consumption. Sight, smell, taste, and touch all contribute to the felt experience of art, of 2020, of chaos magick.