Reciprocity Plots

> Tea at Shiloh x Emery Gluck 

Reciprocal Capture is a “process of encounter and transformation, rather than absorption, in which different ways of doing and being find interesting things to do together. Where possibilities for new modes of existence emerge”.
- philosopher Isabelle Stengers

In this installation I explore the expansion, movement, and time that exist within an image and the dialogue between an artwork and the bodies around it.

Referencing ancient star maps, ink drawings of an inner cosmology sway around melting drawings made of frozen tea and found objects that are local to this moment and place. As time passes, the image of the ice shifts from one state to another; the atmospheric blocks of ice slowly melt to reveal the gestural objects inside. Bound but not locked inside their frozen, melting, and evaporating container, these drawings are constantly transforming in response to their surroundings. The drawings on paper are equally alive. Light, atmosphere, movement, and each viewer’s internal cartography shape the image of these semi-transparent drawings.

The tea that I created with Tea at Shiloh is a direct response to the drawings on mulberry paper and is a medium in the meltings. The viewer sips the tea, and by doing so they ingest the work around them, highlighting the constant dialogue of it all.

The image is what you see, and my aim is to elucidate the aliveness inside it. I am rejecting the idea that an artwork is a monument locked in time, in favor of an attention to the intrinsic process of change within all things.


Photos by Em Ferretti