The Spiral no. 2: Travel to an Unknown Place

>  Video, ice, mirror, mylar drawing, food installation
> Poem by Halleta Alemu
> Sounds by Ryan Fuller

“But what is a window if not the air framed by right angles?”
- Clarice Lispector, Agua Viva

This installation is about Travel to an Unknown Place and what uncertainty reveals. The Spiral no. 1 asked viewers, “What is inside the spiral with you?” The most common answers were ‘transportation’ and ‘the unknown.’ So, The Spiral no. 2 explores the relationship of these two things in Travel to an Unknown Place.  

Reflections often occur in transit. I look out a window and see myself mirrored and layered with a view of the world outside me. I am inside the view, shaping it. My inside merges with the outside, there is a visual interaction, despite a physical separation. Unknown places become intertwined through the window-mirror. We layer. We meld. We melt.

The Spiral no. 2 is about seeing yourself in the unknown, gazing into the overlaps between yourself and the world around you. Can being inside of the unknown prompt you to look at yourself and the world more deeply?